Top 5 Must-Have Permanent Makeup Supplies for Every Artist

Top 5 Must-Have Permanent Makeup Supplies for Every Artist

As a permanent makeup artist, finding the right tools and supplies for your craft is essential. Knowing which materials are top-notch quality, cost effective, and reliable can be daunting; especially when searching through dozens of suppliers. To help you navigate this process more easily, we’ve compiled our list of the five must-have permanent makeup supplies that every artist should have in their kit – from microneedles to pigments. Not only will these items help you boost your accuracy and leave clients with beautiful results, but they’ll save you money in the long run by providing years of consistent use! Make sure to keep reading to discover which items made our top 5 list!

1- Microneedles: Investing in a quality microneedle is essential for any permanent makeup artist. Not only do they help ensure precise application, but you’ll also be able to apply even the thinnest of lines or shapes with ease. Look for a needle that comes with many different points and lengths so that you can customize your look per client!

2- Pigments: A vast array of pigment colors are available on the market, but always make sure to choose those that contain non-toxic ingredients and have been made using safe manufacturing processes. This will ensure that you create beautiful, long lasting results each time.

3- Device: Since machines are used to implant pigments into the skin, make sure to invest in a quality device that can deliver optimal performance. Look for one with adjustable settings so you can customize the depth of needle penetration and achieve precise results.

4- Disposable Products: As a permanent makeup artist, safety is key! Make sure to keep your kit stocked with disposable supplies such as gloves, needles, ink cups, and more. This will ensure that each client receives a clean set of materials for their procedure.

5- Aftercare Essentials: Last but certainly not least, post-treatment care is just as important as prepping and performing the procedure itself. Include things like healing balms, moisturizers, and recovery activators to help clients speed up their healing process and reduce any potential side effects.